Starcraft 2 Metrics User Manual

Starcraft2Metrics offers metrics calculated from replay files using the SC2Reader parser.

The end goal of Starcraft2Metrics is to offer the user a visualization of the trend of each metric that is calculated in order for the user to see if there has been improvement over a period of time. This information can be used to locate weak points in a player’s skill and improve that area.


Example Trends derived from Metric data.


The SC2ReplayParser is a command line utility that will gather metric data from a directory of replays. The parser will output a csv file that contains a number of useful metrics along with metadata about each replay. The metric data can then be used to derive trends.

Replay metadata:

  • Replay Name
  • Date
  • Map
  • Race Matchup
  • Game Length
  • Game Type
  • Is Ladder?

Metrics offered:

  • Time to Max (ttm)
  • Time to 3 bases (ttb3)
  • Time to 4 bases (ttb4)
  • Time to 66 workers (ttw66)
  • Time to 75 workers (ttw75)
  • Average APM (apm)
  • Average Spending Quotient (sq)
  • Average Spending Quotient Pre-Max Supply (sq-max)
  • Average Unspent Resources (aur)
  • Average Unspent Resources Pre-Max Supply (aur-max)
  • Average Resource Collection Rate (rcr)
  • Average Resource Collection Rate Pre-Max Supply (rcr-max)
  • Time spent Supply Capped (sc)


SC2Reader is a Starcraft II Replay parser that is hosted publicly on Github [source]. This module is relied upon to parse the necessary data out of Starcraft II replay files.

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