plugins — sc2reader Plugins

Plugins used to gather the raw data for the metrics.sc2metric.Sc2MetricAnalyzer.


Builds array made of FoodCount. The metrics being of the type Sc2MetricAnalyzer. The supply is tracked every time a new supply unit or supply building is made or dies/is destroyed.

class metrics.plugins.supply_created.SupplyCreatedTracker[source]

Builds player.metrics.army_created, player.metrics.workers_created, and player.metrics.supply_created arrays made of SupplyCount. The metrics being of the type Sc2MetricAnalyzer. The supplies are tracked whenever a unit is created. The unit’s supply and a cumulative supply count of the army, workers, and total supply are tracked for the corresponding second.

class metrics.plugins.bases_created.BasesCreatedTracker[source]

Builds player.metrics.bases_created array made of BaseCount. The metrics being of the type Sc2MetricAnalyzer. The bases are tracked every time a Nexus, CommandCenter, or Hatchery is completed.

class metrics.plugins.resources.ResourceTracker[source]

Builds player.metrics.resources array made of ResourceCount. The metrics being of the type Sc2MetricAnalyzer. The resources tracked are the unspent resources (minerals + vespene) and the resource collection rate (minerals + vespene).

class metrics.plugins.apm.APMTracker[source]

Provides player.metrics.avg_apm which is defined as the sum of any Selection, ControlGroup, or Command event issued by the player divided by the number of seconds played by the player (not necessarily the whole game) multiplied by 60. APM is 0 for games under 1 minute in length.

*Note: APM is generally calculated starting after an initial time. For example, APM in Brood War was calculated after the initial 150 seconds of game time. Therefore, actions before 150 seconds were not counted towards actual APM.

**Note: These APM calculations include the actions taken before 150 seconds, but they do not include that 150 seconds of time, which is standard among most APM calculators.